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July 16, 2011


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As of lately i've noticed more and more people submitting pictures of beautiful boob lugging woman into the wronge folders. But a thought came to my mind, most people don't even know a womans chest size unless they were a woman themselves, and most of the artists I've met that submit to here are men.

No offense, guys, I'm not expecting you to know the exact cup size of a girl you've drawn, that's why I've made this chart to make it a little more clearer as to where you want to submit your pictures.


Now, if you're girls boob size runs in between any of the shown ones here, but leans more to one size then the other, choose that size.

For example, if it's somewhere in between large and freakishly large, but seems more like a freakishly large, then go with that folder.

Also, this is according to the natural woman figure as to how boobs grow.
In reality, there are no sch thing as freakishly large boobs unless the woman enhanced them herself, which means they are fake. XD

And it is very rare to find a girl with large boobs and not be a bit large herself.
This is just part of the human anatomy.

So in reality, a thin girl will have small boobs. And a large girl will have big boobs.
Unless they are enhanced.
Of course there are the rare events where a big girl will have small boobs or a thin girl will have somewhat large boobs.

Me, myself, as a girl, have seen them all. lol

So please go by these guidlines from now on when submitting your work.

If you don't agree with this or think I'm not correct, I took human anatomy. These drawings are based off REALISTIC body types for woman sizes.


*UPDATE: The date has been moved up to August 1st!!
So far we have 3 entries, so get drawing!! ^ ^- *

Hello my fellow boob lovers!!

It's time to conjour up some creative minds and create a wonderful, mind-blowing, booby loveing piece of art!!!

Here is the theme for the contest: "PILLOW FIGHT".

The rules for the contest:
-MUST follow all rules of the group
-Must have someing to do with boobs and pillow fighting
-Must be a completed art piece, which means fully colored

I will open a new folder where you are to submit the contest entries into.

If you are to submit something against the rules, you will be disqualified, so please read the rules before drawing something that is'nt allowed.

There WILL be prizes!!!

First place:
-A full colored full body picture of your choice drawn by me!
-50 points
-A feature of you and a few of your works in the groups journal for all to see!

Second place:
-A waist up colored pic by me!
-A waist up pic by :iconkawaikit:
-20 points

Third place:
-A bust up colored pic done by me!
-A chibi pic by :iconkawaikit:
-10 points

If you would like to contribute your art/points/llamas/etc to the contest please comment below and I'll add you to the prize listing. ^ ^-
All help will be greatly appreciated!

The voting:
Myself and my contributors will cast our votes on the best piece of art.
This WILL be done fairly, so please no bribeing us, it won't get you nowhere. :3

And with that, the dead line will be set for: August 1st!
This date will not change unless there's not enough entries, in which it will be exstended.

So get drawing!!
You can start entering today as soon as I make the new folder!!!

Your boob squeezing Founder,
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Bfetish Jul 18, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
I may not be female but most of the people I associate with are women. And I'm a boob perv.Hence the name Bfetish.
Bfetish Jul 18, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
I kinda agree and disagree with your standards on cup or boob size. I feel its a bit offensive to consider women who do have a natural cup size over a DD cup freakishly large. Breast size, just like penis size for men averages vary between ethnicities,race, and country of origin. Countries have different measurements in terms of cup size as well. An american DD cup is considered a J to H cup in Japan.What you consider freakishly large is probably considered a normal size for women in countries like Germany.
There is a high number of large breasted women in the world that make your cup scale questionable. I know you put the scale in place based on your ideal view of proper boob measurements. But it isn't accurate.
Its your group so your free to set the standards.I respect your decision even though I may not totally agree with it.
Mikay-Sempai Jul 18, 2011
Thanks for understanding. And I don't see why they should be offending. I have plenty of friends who have boobs over DD and they joke about it like that all the time.
Because there's nothing they could really do about it.

Ever got slapped in the face by a set of H cups?
Yeah, it sucks. XD

Me, as a girl myself, only state the facts of the woman body. Cause unless you've studied it for a long time, and I don't mean study by looking at nude woman, I mean study as in knowing the female body in and out, then men could never comprehend the woman figure.
Bfetish Jul 18, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
From a visual stand point men can understand the the female figure.Because we put more value on it then women do. As far as how the female mind works, emotional,or inner physical differences men probably can't fully comprehend.

But knowing the female body as an object of desire is one thing we men have mastered as well as women who are lesbians. Women have been a central part of my life so I know more about them than most men do.

And yes I have been slapped in the face with a set of fake H cups.It was at a friends bachelor party. I also dated a woman who had natural J cups.
HavensGoneMad Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i learned that after H cup you have to get bra's custom made...i'm G now..i'll be screwed if i go past H i already pay like $300 on bra's...sometimes i envy girls with small chests TT^TT
Mikay-Sempai Jul 18, 2011
Yeah, same here. D:
Nebelstern Jul 18, 2011   Digital Artist
>>there are no sch thing as freakishly large boobs unless the woman enhanced them herself, which means they are fake. XD<<

do you REALLY want me to send you links that prove you drong...? because honestly, they do exist... =_=
Mikay-Sempai Jul 18, 2011
Like I said, on rare occasions do they. :3

This scale is just based off the AVERAGE human anatomy.
Nebelstern Jul 18, 2011   Digital Artist
aah okay ^^ yeah in that case you're right about the average-ness. :P
Mikay-Sempai Jul 18, 2011
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